A methodology is different from a mission or vision statement. It does not focus on a specific end result but instead a practical, actionable process. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved when we take action in alignment with our truest values. Discovering these values begins with transparency, which leads to authentic connections that create natural synergy. The fruition of this methodology is transformation.

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When truth is acknowledged and embodied, we access genuine, solid substance to work with. We find our bedrock and stop trying to build our houses (lives) on sand (inauthenticity). We find ourselves naturally associating with that which is in alignment with this truth – within our world, our communities, and ourselves. We find authentic...

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Change is natural; all things are constantly in a state of flux. That change may be positive, negative, or oscillate between the two (which can look like stagnation), but change always in effect. While fear, resistance, and isolation lead to deterioration, the synergy born from a foundation of transparent connection is the catalyst for positive, significant and lasting...



The interaction between any two entities creates a third entity that exists as the representative of this dynamic.

1) You

2) Other

3) Relationship

The relationship always expresses new, unique qualities that did not exist in in either individual alone. These new and augmented qualities are greater than the sum of their parts. This is called....

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More than simply change, transformation implies a paradigm shift to a more empowered state. The evolution of our world begins with transformation at the individual level. 

What kinds of transformation would you love to see in yourself and in the world?

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You can't force a plant to grow.


Neither can you force genuine transformation for yourself and your world.

Just as you prepare the soil, water the earth, and allow the natural process to unfold, so too do transparency, connection, and synergy create a fertile environment for lasting change.