Our close-knit, diverse team delivers best-in-class services consistent with any multinational corporation, while offering the personal, streamlined experience that you can only get from a small, family-operated business. 

This new nonprofit branch for Beloved Enterprises (which was founded in 1999) is committed to upholding the same standards of quality and creativity that has uniquely established us in the pharmaceutical industry, working with such companies as Johnson & Johnson, Otsuka, and Acadia.

Partnering with the BEST Foundation, you can rest assured that you will be treated to the highest standards of quality, integrity, and kindness in all that we do. 

Liimu McGill

Founder & CEO

Liimu builds her businesses on the principles of intuitive leadership, allowing herself to be guided by a deep inner wisdom. The results have been phenomenal, and now she offers her wisdom in this area to others who could benefit from a new model of leadership; one that is inclusive, humane, heart-centered, and profoundly effective. She is energized by helping people to illuminate a path that leads them to their purpose and by providing them with the skills and tools to pursue it.


Shams Nelson

Head of Business Development

Growing up between Egypt and California, having studied art, music, videography, digital marketing, personal development coaching, martial arts, religion, and metaphysics – among other personal interests and hobbies – Shams brings his diverse background and enthusiasm into everything he does. Currently residing in South Africa, he is working towards fostering BEST’s values of transparency and connection globally. He is excited and energized by authentic connections and the powerful transformations they create. 

Allison Volk

Head of Content Development

At her core, Allison is a storyteller. She has dedicated her professional life to sharing stories that move and inspire, and her background in theater and as a filmmaker lend themselves to delivering BEST's brand story. Passionate about sustainability, the outdoors, and all kinds of animals, Allison is always looking for new ways to support the environment. She is energized in knowing that even the smallest shift toward the positive can yield big results. 


Glen McGill

Head of Strategic Growth

Glen McGill has been in the unique position since our founder's earliest entrepreneurial venture in 2008 to witness the growth of and help hold the vision with the company's founder. Along with being a musician, a writer, and an avid hiker and camper, Glen brings his experience in project management and oversight to help guide us in fostering an environment of positive, authentic expression and inspirational flow of ideas.

Christine Rojas

Chief of Staff

Believing that authentic connection and the relationships we foster are central in life, Christine is what you would call a "people person". She brings her natural supportive and earnest nature to all the work done at BEST. Passionate about experiencing art and culture, she enjoys traveling and trying new things. 



Are you sincere about making a positive impact in our world? Do you hold yourself to a high personal standard, putting your heart, mind, and spirit into everything you do?

If so, we'd love to hear from you!

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