Writing Your Next Chapter

3-Step Intentional Journaling Practice



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•  Clarify your goals and dreams in life

•  Recognize signs that the Universe is sending you

•  Release limiting beliefs that are holding you back

•  Develop your intuitive insights

•  Increase your gratitude and joy



Get inspired

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Self-exploration Questionnaire


Dear unique and perfect being,

The modern world its not always a space that encourages and inquires for deep self-reflection. It often seeks to give answers, not receive them. It is seemingly brimming with knowledge and resources, but how often do you seek to understand your own wisdom and gifts? Do you know how to look within and find insights and understandings unique to you? And when you do, do you share that wisdom?

For the next several minutes (or more) we'd love to invite you look inside yourself to find the wonder, revelation, and even entertainment, that we so often seek without.


What follows is an exploration of the self — all that is, great and small. We want you to rediscover who you are, what you are, and where you are going. And, if you choose to share this with us, we’d like to offer you a unique 3-step journaling practice to help you to connect with yourself more deeply, and begin to effortlessly manifest your best life and world.

Deepest love and light,

        The BEST Foundation